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I draw a variety of shit|| Not a only-pony page

Call me Ren, I am an artist
who dabbles in many things,
from pixel icons to My Little Pony,
to Anime and Gaming arts I bring.

From creatures to animal fantasy
and lastly original art.
For what I draw is just by whim,
from then I would just start.

I hope you have a pleasant stay,
and if you'd like to watch-
understand I dabble
and not stay fixed to just one spot.


Hold my salmon

F.A.QWelcome to Ren's F.A.Q
This will also contain a tiny bio about myself kinda like a "get to know me sort of thing"
Further queries are welcomed via notes Ene (Smile) [V7]  ^w^
Divider Divider 

Ren Bio
Singaporean | Identify as Bi-Gender | Straight | Cancer | INFP | Roman Catholic | Single
Wink Wonk *~A very shy person at first, a very gung ho person later~*Wink Wonk
Spoken Language: English and smidgets of Japanese, I rarely speak singlish- like.. ew OTL (No offence to SGeans, I just don't like how it sounds LA HAHA )
Fav. Animal: Birds & Wolves
Fav. Colour: Green-Blues
Fav. Show Genre: HORROR &

Sky Digit flying by Botchan-MLP


Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke

Note *Important* Regarding trades:


Only likely to be accepting custom plushies,
closed species adopts, sculptures
(Most crafts in general) for now.
Trading multiple pieces of my digital art for the fair price of
one quality craft is no issue to me. // Vice Versa
Feel free to ask for a digital art trade but there's a
high chance I might turn it down for the time being. q-q

Requests - Closed by SweetDuke Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke

Fire Cracker flying by Botchan-MLP Spring Leaf smelling a flower by Botchan-MLP

Icon made by leyalluna
SkyDigit voice acting animation by MisterAibo


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Dreams don't always remain dreams- they might become reality





Jul 20, 2017
2:41 pm
Jul 20, 2017
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Jul 20, 2017
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Jul 20, 2017
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Jul 20, 2017
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If I were to make a small art contest what prizes would you be interested in? [Will probably be a combination but choose your most favoured] 

90 deviants said Art Prize(s)
62 deviants said Personalized real prizes mailed to you (However, simpler art than an "Art prize") [Eg. Your OC as a keychain/shirt/bag etc]
46 deviants said Cash/Points
15 deviants said Premium Membership
11 deviants said A selection of items from my Etsy (will have more stuff in the future) [Example: Full set of my Mystic Messenger Keychains]
2 deviants said Others (comment)

Hi guys >v< Haven't written a journal in awhile, but I just want to say a big :happybounce:  thank you :happybounce: to everyone who wished me on my birthday :heart:
It was a very animal filled birthday lol with a trip on the 2nd of July to the Bird Park then to the Night Safari on the actual day itself on the 3rd. 
I'm still very caught up with school assignments (It's the last lap!) So I've taken a while to reply to notes especially [apologies >-< ] 

Aradael - Pixel Icon [NotFreeForUse] by Renciel

Normal Commissions 

Good news is that I'll be opening commissions soon but in batches of 3 slots per opening. Whoever's interested will however need to be prepared to wait 1 day to 2 months for the piece to be done. Just a head's up.
MLP sticker style YCHs don't worry I haven't forgotten about you (:  They're all underway
Reason being after I graduate at the end of July, I'll still be in school undertaking a special project to be done for another 6 months T_T 

I probably won't have a slot open for MLP for the regular commissions. I'm more interested in getting some humans and non-anthro creatures done, though yes I will be open for anthros as well.

Animated Commissions

will not be for awhile, and honestly I'm not sure if I'll even go through with them because I spend a lot of time on them and I don't want to be charging you so highly/ It might not be as popular as I hope it to be due to pricing reasons.
TLDR: Not worth my time if I keep prices v low     But I might do a trial period with my honest prices ONCE to see the demand.

Squishy Rowlet by RencielSquishy Rowlet by RencielSquishy Rowlet by Renciel

For my YouTube subbers

Greetings to you from dA!  Trash Dove Hello (not my art) 
Thank you sm for taking the extra step to find me here and even on instagram for some others. Your support means a lot to me. I was a little surprised to get so many views and subs with the small quantity on videos I have. I only feel more motivated to present you with more content. However please note I'm more of an artist-illustrator and I have almost never touched animation till the start of 2017. I did study 3d animation though but 2d was something really new to me. I also only started compositing and editing this year so basically I'm a newbie at animating 2D x'D
What I'm saying is, YouTube isn't really much of a priority for me at the moment compared to illustrations and drawings and commissions. 
I value MAPs over Memes but share appreciation for both of them just as much.  I will commit myself to a MAP very strictly if I have said yes/been chosen to it UNLESS I see that it won't likely be finished in which case I'll tell the MAP leader I'm dropping out. It's only happened once so far but I don't see it being something I'll do as often.

At 50k subs I've promised a few people that I'll have a Q&A video out c: I hope when that time comes it'll answer many questions you have. Whether I actually speak or just rely on visuals and text to answer your questions I haven't yet confirmed.

Llama Emoji-21 (Speechless) [V1] I need your help! Llama Emoji-21 (Speechless) [V1] 

Due to the rise of my works being more publicly noticed I've encountered people who've traced and recoloured my characters, specifically Ren. I assume because of her presence on YT. Some of these people even have followed me on both my dA and instagram platforms. (Yes I've noticed it personally myself and through people's notifcations (Thank you! ^^)) I've personally spoken to some of them but all they do is deny and claim her as their OC even when the lines have just been traced and the hair recoloured with bits of fringe changed a little. Please don't be rude or bully them but if you do come across it happening please help me politely tell them not to do so. As a community we should be building each other up and I don't support hoards of people bullying people over something like this but sometimes us artists do need a little CALM assistance with these issues ;w; Not just me but so many of us creators. Do let me know too if you've done such a sweet thing to put forth a word and I'll take a note of your help! :hug: 

Have a pleasant day!

  • Listening to: Dead to Me
  • Reading: Horror Novels
  • Watching: Catching up w PKMN X & Y
  • Playing: \\\\\\\"Tales of\\\\\\\" Series and LoL


For YT: I did some changes to my account management so all the comments thus far made by me have been lost OTL aish :(
More commission slots will be opening soon [Notice]
Because now I'm having to stay in school an additional 6 months due to a special program q-q not that it's a bad thing but- this means I don't want to keep my slots closed for another long break.
-Advance Notice-

Will be opening 5 slots of commissions this coming week, look out for them if interested c:

2 for MLP and the other 3 for creatures/humans only
[questions welcomed]
Guh I missed the buy one get one free core membership thing alsfjglhalg >:I    Dagnabbit
Guess that's what happens when you're on a partial hiatus OTL

My happy place



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would u be interested in doing a trade?
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Happy Birthday!~
KarsiTheDog Featured By Owner Edited Jul 9, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Hi I love ur art.

I was wondering is Ren (the main character you use in your animations if that's their name?) a boy or girl? Or another gender?? I can't.. Tell ; u;
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I love your gallery! :iconrose-plz:
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First of all I discovered your art from Garena Facebook where you posted your Elementalist Lux contest entry and I was impressed by the way you drew her, and it's so amazing.
Later on I watched your Animal Crossing meme and I saw your OC who made me question my sexuality. oVo And I realised that you're the EXACT SAME person who did the Lux entry and won the prize oAo!! And you make animations too AHHHH
Your art gives me life and they're so awesome~ Greetings from Malaysia :D
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LightRosee Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday!!! birthday cake 
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