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I draw a variety of shit|| Not a only-pony page

Call me Ren, I am an artist
who dabbles in many things,
from pixel icons to My Little Pony,
to Anime and Gaming arts I bring.

From creatures to animal fantasy
and lastly original art.
For what I draw is just by whim,
from then I would just start.

I hope you have a pleasant stay,
and if you'd like to watch-
understand I dabble
and not stay fixed to just one spot.


Dreams don't always remain dreams- they might become reality





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8:44 pm
Nov 21, 2017
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8 slots of Commissions [Open]

Wed Aug 30, 2017, 11:06 AM

Sorry it took awhile for me to get it listed. I've graduated! But I'm still in school for a special project till February next year.
So unfortunately I'm still very busy + I am working very hard on one particular MAP part + I have my weekly fan art request to do as well.
But I'm also broke so Q_Q
Also as I promised, I have my animation commissions temporarily open. I'll see how it goes.

Firstly Terms and Conditions:

PLEASE read this as it contains important info like the time-span of the commission!

- Commission Terms and Conditions -Commission Status: Open
bird-ehya fariba bird-ehya fariba bird-ehya fariba 
:star: If these prices do not suit you then I'm sure there are other artists out there who would suit you better. Bargaining/whining will not be entertained.
:star: Send me a note with your request(s)
:star: The only currency I accept is USD via Paypal.:star: I accept points occasionally.  -Am I accepting points now: NO              USD$1 = 100 :points:
:star: I will not start until you've sent payment. You can view my commission progress on my front page under "To do list.":star: If the commission is interrupted on my account, I will inform you. 
:star: If you want me to make it in time for a deadline (Eg. Friend's birthday), please dis


 Nod * MLP Prices are lower (always have been) with the reasoning they're easier to draw . *Nod 


Cell Shaded:


Golden Wyn  MLP UNAVAILABLE for Cell Shaded Golden Wyn 

Princess Luna (of course) plz  MLP Anthros are available under anthro cost catergory Princess Luna (of course) plz 

Pixel sparkle divider 


60 usd per character (full body)
40 usd per character (Busts - shoulder up for humans & Anthros, Waist up for feral-quad characters)
:star:++ 45 usd(full) OR 25 usd (Half) for additional character(s)


Background Options:

20 usd simple background 
FREE - Plain BG (Eg. Single colour/gradient) or Transparent PNG

Telling me "No BG" = Any of the FREE options Arrow Bullet (Green) - F2U! [If you want it transparent, please specify or it will be understood as Plain/gradient up to my choosing]


Chu! by RencielFrolicking in the forest by RencielIn a new light by RencielSparring in flight by Renciel
All of me by RencielTussle on the grass by Renciel Surf's up by RencielConfidence by Renciel


Painted Style #1 [Old Style]:


55 usd per character (full body)
35 usd per character (Half body)
:star: ++ 40 usd(fullOR 20 usd (Half) for additional character(s)


Background Options:

20 usd simple background (optional)
5 usd - Transparent PNG
FREE - Plain BG (Eg. Single colour/gradient) 

Telling me "No BG" = Any of the FREE options according to my choice, unless you specified

Pixel sparkle divider 


80usd per character (full body)
60usd per character (Busts - shoulder up for humans & Anthros, Waist up for feral-quad characters)
:star:++ 50 usd(full) OR 30 usd (Half) for additional character(s)


Background Options:

30 usd - simple background 
15 usd - Transparent PNG
FREE - Plain BG (Eg. Single colour/gradient)

Telling me "No BG" = Any of the FREE options according to my choice, unless you specified

Gnar! by RencielLunar New Year 2017 by RencielWading in the pond by Renciel

Elementalist Lux: Magma Fury by RencielAmong the leaves by Renciel


New *  Painted Style #2 [Newer Style]:

Meowth Sad 

Unavailable At The Moment

Sylveon by Renciel Inuyasha by Renciel The Prince and the Protector by Renciel


New *  Anime Styled Animation

Limited - [Whether I will open these commissions ever again I do not know yet]

Reason: Unless I charge these prices, doing this type of animation isn't worth my time because I spend a great deal of effort on them.
And as much as I love animation. I honestly dislike the tediousness of it's process :( So unless I receive a good amount of interest in it I don't see any reason to keep them open.

Caution  I will not animate any memes nor MAP parts for commissions Caution 

These are BASE prices UNLESS your character has a complicated design which means it will cost extra.
Llama Emoji-66 (Orly) [V3]  
You're welcome to note me for a quote, or if you have any questions

F2U: Flickering Star Divider (Middle) 

F2U Kaomoji | Lying Down _(:3J L)_ | iikao #1 

More examples can be found on my YouTube

youtube Icon…

F2U: Flickering Star Divider (Middle) 

Simple Coloured:

No Shading, No highlights, Flat colours

80 usd per second
[++] 40 per additional Character 15 per Background
Free - Plain/Single Colour BG

Example:  We follow by Renciel

Full Anime Style Rendered :
With Shading/ Highlights

140 usd per second

[++] 70 per additional Character 20 per Background
Free - Plain/Single Colour BG

Example:  A dream by Renciel  Down to meecha' by Renciel  Just a little touch of love by Renciel

I can make it loop or just keep it to a singular scene
Fall leaf - F2U 

Run/ Walk/ Flying cycles Unavailable. I hope to try and make the aforementioned ones more affordable if I decide to continue these.


angel wing left Feel free to NOTE me with any questions angel wing right 

Bear Emoji-30 (Sorry) [V2] 

Heart Commission Form to help you along Heart 

Copy and Paste the form into a note ^-^


Type of Commission: Cell Shaded/ Fully Painted
Number of Characters: 
Character Reference(s): 
Character size: 
Full Body / Half Body
Background type: Simple / Plain [Flat colour OR Gradient] / Transparent 
Please Copy and Paste the timeframe between the pink hearts in my T&C here - Commission Terms and Conditions - :
Other comments or details:


Aradael - Pixel Icon [NotFreeForUse] by Renciel
 Aradael says : "Comment here or Send me a note with your commission details if you would like one <3 "

First come, first served
Llama Emoji 29 (Mah Fudz) [V2] 

 1. :iconmgl139: Animation Slot :bulletgreen: PAID
 2. :icononcha: Cell-Shaded Slot :bulletyellow: On Hold 09/09/17

  • Listening to: Dead to Me
  • Reading: Horror Novels
  • Watching: Catching up w PKMN X & Y
  • Playing: \\\\\\\"Tales of\\\\\\\" Series and LoL

♫ lol i dont like drawing chibis :T


My happy place



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HentaiMatsu Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2017  Student General Artist
I found you on Youtube and your art and characters are amazing aaaaah!!!
I love the one that's you're icon the most, he's amazing oml
Amy-WolfRocker Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2017  Student Artist
I love your at is really adorable and amazing keep on the amazing art!!
(1 Reply)
JaegerPony Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2017
Heya Ren! A friend of mine was so happy with a picture I showed her after I asked to animate some stuff for me well... this happened. ^^;

Hope it's not too much bother. Thought I'd share it with you. ^^;
Lyllannart Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello ?
Luffy95 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you stream on Picarto? :O Icon 
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AmethystShootingStar Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2017  Student Digital Artist
would u be interested in doing a trade?
XxcreepyhoodxX Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday!~
KarsiTheDog Featured By Owner Edited Jul 9, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Hi I love ur art.

I was wondering is Ren (the main character you use in your animations if that's their name?) a boy or girl? Or another gender?? I can't.. Tell ; u;
(1 Reply)
Windigo02 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
I love your gallery! :iconrose-plz:
(1 Reply)
ErisaFate Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2017  Student Digital Artist

First of all I discovered your art from Garena Facebook where you posted your Elementalist Lux contest entry and I was impressed by the way you drew her, and it's so amazing.
Later on I watched your Animal Crossing meme and I saw your OC who made me question my sexuality. oVo And I realised that you're the EXACT SAME person who did the Lux entry and won the prize oAo!! And you make animations too AHHHH
Your art gives me life and they're so awesome~ Greetings from Malaysia :D
(1 Reply)
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